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Hearing Loss Screening at Ear, Nose, Throat, Head & Neck Surgery Of Huntsville

Hearing loss isn’t just a problem that affects older generations. Everyone from babies and toddlers to teens and adults can suffer from hearing loss. Hearing loss has a variety of causes including trauma, exposure to loud sounds, or developing certain viruses or autoimmune diseases of the inner ear. If you or a loved one is complaining of difficulty hearing then it might be time for a hearing screening.

Hearing Screenings

Just as the name suggests, a hearing screening is a diagnostic test to help determine if you are dealing with hearing loss and the magnitude of your condition. A hearing screening is quick, easy and painless, only taking a couple of minutes to complete.

All babies should have a hearing screening by the time they are 1-month-old. If their screening detects certain issues with their hearing, then it’s important to get a full hearing test by the time they are 3 months old. If you are concerned that your child is suffering from hearing loss then a screening should be conducted as soon as possible. This is particularly vital for children who are at an increased risk for hearing loss. Hearing loss detected later in childhood can also delay language development and affect how well they perform in school.

Pure-Tone Test for Hearing

The most common hearing screening for older children and adults is the pure-tone test, which pinpoints the softest tones a person can hear at certain frequencies. The patient wears earphones during this test and is asked to raise a hand, press a button or verbalize when they hear a sound. It’s highly recommended that school-age children receive periodic auditory screenings, as hearing loss can also develop later in life.

Full hearing tests are usually recommended if a patient does not pass their initial hearing screening. If you have any concerns about hearing loss, in your children or yourself, it’s important to call our office and schedule a hearing evaluation. Your hearing is too important to ignore.

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